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Reviewer NessLiddell
21 and Over is definitely not a film I would have chosen to watch had my friends not asked me to see it with them. Actually, I do not even remember seeing a trailer for this film.

You can definitely tell that this movie is from the same writers as The Hangover; it has all the same elements. Good friends and a drunken night being pieced together from the following morning.

I have not laughed out loud this much in a movie for a very long time; it was simply hilarious. Politically incorrect in some parts; these fitted with the tone of the film. There was one scene that was so crazy-stupid that I just could not stop laughing even when the rest of the audience had stopped. It probably speaks volumes about drinking cultures around the world when things get hopelessly out of control.

It was a bit slow to start and I did wonder “how can they continue this story for over an hour” however the pace definitely picked up.

21 and Over is definitely a glimpse of what happens when very close friends leave the relative “safely” of High School and enter college. They still call themselves best friends, but suddenly throughout the night they begin to realise that each one of them has secrets and you begin to realise that the communication has all but stopped between the three of them. It makes you realise that sometimes the concept of a best friend is in name only.

In some ways I felt that this movie was also about young adults being forced to take a life/career path that is not necessarily of their choosing. This eventually leads them down a path that they are not happy with and make certain choices accordingly.

Miles Teller (Miller) and Justin Chon (Jeff Chang) were absolutely incredible and hilarious.

All and all it was a funny movie and a little like a mash-up of The Hangover and Jackass. You can probably wait for it to come out on DVD.
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