Gin Cocktails

Gin is unique, adding real credibility to so many cocktails - where do we start?
All Gin Cocktails Recipes

1930's Clover Club
Jolly good, chaps! Drink up and join the club.
1930's Golden Fizz
Not to be confused with a golden shower … the 1930s were more innocent times.
Half Gin/half orange ... with just a dash or two of bitters. Delicious!
Angel Face
Don’t be fooled by the name, this cocktail packs a devilish punch.
Short of ingredients? Then this simple summer cocktail should do the trick!
Bermuda Rose
Delicious 40's cocktail. They needed something to cheer this generation up!
Berry Bramble
This recipe is from the 42 Below stable - now that's claaaassy.
Cranberry Kick
At least the cranberry will help with your recurring cystitis.
So good you could (almost) name your first daughter after it.
Completely obscure, totally retro… it must be the coolest drink in town.
Elderflower Collins
The classic of the bar - the Elderflower variant has a refreshing taste.
French 75
Champagne, gin, Cointreau, lemon juice… the classy riposte to Euro trashiness.
Gin & Sin
Not sure where the sin is … but maybe that comes later.
A classy number that's simple to make and bound to impress.
Long Island Iced Tea
It's an oldie but a goodie and choc-full of mind-freezing ingredients.
Maiden's Blush
One look at the ingredients and the maiden will do a lot more than blush.
Bond prefered to shake his with vodka. We like ours with gin. And stirred, thanks.
Mint Cooler
Easy to make, super refreshing and the ginger ale hides the taste of gin!
Thanks to GPK Takapuna's Conrad Cheng, this little number'll have you purring!
Monkey Gland
Blended with essence from glands of rare Amazonian monkeys... Nah, just joking!
Oo-er … almost sounds like a cocktail for racists. Surely not!
Summer Fruit Sour
Felling dour? Why not cheer up with a Summer Fruit Sour?
Ninja Turtle
Cowabunga, dudes! The adult way to relive your childhood.
Pink Gin and Tonic
Definitely one for the ladies; real men wouldn't touch it. Grunt.
Pink Puppy
Generous shots of gin and vodka to make you go all cute and floppy.
Singapore Sling
Not staying at Raffles Hotel anytime soon? You can still try the original SS recipe.
Tom Collins
He’s got a reputation for being a real tough guy to mix, but definitely worth it.
White Lady
Certain to take you well into the night and into the arms of Auckland's famous feeder.

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