Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Interview
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Interview
Sigourney Weaver was a real casting coup. How did you approach her?

Simon Pegg: Usual channels. We finished the script and sent it to her.

Nick Frost: I think with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz though, it meant that the script wasn't immediately binned when it came to her agent – which I'm sure happens, it just never gets to the person you want it to get to. And we were fortunate enough that she read it and then we got a phone-call to say, 'Will you come and meet Sigourney in LA?' And we did it and we talked to her and she liked the script and she'd seen Shaun of the Dead.

Simon Pegg: She'd liked Superbad as well, because Greg was on by that point. It's nice to have a bit of weight behind you when you go to someone so they know you're not just some punk kid.

Nick Frost: And she did it, she said yes. We did a dance, obviously. You know, it is an amazing coup – she's an amazing woman.

Simon Pegg: And such a team player as well, you know? She really pitched in on the movie and on the promo, so ...

Nick Frost: She didn't have to do any of it [the promo] at all, you know.

Simon Pegg: And I wrote a poem about her when I was 19. I used to do a thing in my stand-up about being in love with her and she found out about this and demanded that I recite it to her. And I've been unable to, because I just blush so much that my eyes bleed.
We're not saying God doesn't exist, we're just saying God doesn't exist in this film...
Are you concerned at all about how the religious jokes will play in America, in terms of reviews and so on?

Simon Pegg: Not concerned. I mean reviews are reviews – what's important is that people go and see the film. It's not an attack on Christianity – what we were interested in was what would happen if you had a very rigid belief system which was whipped away from you in a single second of empirical proof. It could be any religion. And the very fact is that any movie that has an alien in immediately contradicts certain notions of organised faith. Suddenly you're not the centre of the universe, which is where most religion places us. It's just – it's a comedy about an alien.

Nick Frost: We're not saying God doesn't exist, we're just saying God doesn't exist in this film.

Simon Pegg: Or that God doesn't exist.

Nick Frost: And I think if your faith is rocked by a comedy with an alien on a road trip then maybe your faith wasn't as firm to begin with, you know what I mean?

Simon Pegg: And why shouldn't we be allowed to say these things? Nobody picketed The Ten Commandments and that was pretty pro-religious, so it's just another way of looking at things. And we'd hate people to get really offended by it.

Nick Frost: If you were a true Christian and believed in God you should have that weird smugness where you think, “Oh ho ho ho – no, no, no.” You should be sorry for us, not angry for us.

Simon Pegg: And also, as Bill Hicks said, “Forgive us.”

When you're filming abroad, what's the thing you miss most about London?

Nick Frost: West Ham and PG Tips.

Simon Pegg: I would say probably family.

Nick Frost: Oh, now I seem shallow.

Simon Pegg: Well, just London life then. Just the vibe and feeling like you're at home and all that sort of stuff. When we live in LA, we live in Santa Monica and Venice and there are shops down there where you can buy HP Sauce and Jaffa Cakes and you can buy OK and Heat and shit like that.

Nick Frost: They show football at 6am. You can have a pint and watch the football at 6am.

Simon Pegg: There are pubs called The King's Head. But just the feeling of being at home, you know.

Nick Frost: Right, hang on, let me do another one then. I just like sometimes to hire a bicycle and drive through the city and -

Simon Pegg: The Thames, I'd say the Thames. [Laughs]

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