Chris Klein Interview
Chris Klein Interview

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After being discovered by director Andrew Payne in his final year of high school Chris Klein went on to shoot the comedy Election. Despite the success of this film it was his work on American Pie that initiated a cult following among him and his cast mates. The American Pie series has gone on to become one of the biggest comedy franchises ever and continues to enjoy success with a series of spinoffs.

Thirteen years after the first American Pie movie Klein returns to the franchise for the latest installment, American Reunion. He chatted to View New Zealand's Tenani French about not growing up, Jason Biggs' Twitter talents and returning to the franchise that started it all.

Was it a hard decision to come back to American Pie after missing the third film?

Chris Klein

No, not not at all, Universal Studios got great writing and directing talent; Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg and the storyline for this one had Chris Ostreicher (my character) in it. They called me up and they said “hey man, we’ve got you in it” and I said “terriffic, let’s get to work, let’s have some fun”.
What was it like getting the original cast back together?

Chris Klein

It was great fun, all of us together share a very unique experience making this franchise. We came up together in our careers and we get to share this franchise together. I love these guys like brothers and I love the beautiful ladies that we have in our franchise and everybody is so talented. I’m surrounded by such talented comedians every day on these movies and I’m very grateful to be a part of it.
It must have been like a real reunion both in front of the camera and behind it?

Chris Klein

You’re absolutely right, that’s exactly what it was.
Have your relationships with the other cast members changed as you’ve all grown over the years?

Chris Klein

No [laughs], you’d like to think that maybe we’ve matured, somewhat, but that’s not the case at all. As a matter of fact when we get together it is a straight regression back into the eighth grade. We’re all out there pointing out the hot chicks, we’re burping, we’re farting, we’re talking about poop, we’re just a bunch of kids. We’re smacking each other in the balls, you know how guys do. It’s just great fun, we all have a really good time on these movies.

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