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Weekend Wind Down - #1

Posted by: Nik_LOCAL_HERO 10/08/2012 @ 13:47
Subject: General

We at ViewNZ look forward to the weekend just as much as the next man and know just how hard those final few hours of your working week can be. Fear not, to get you into the right frame of mind to enjoy your weekend, we've come up with a few distractions that should help pass the time suitably.

This week: Tattoo Fails, Lucky Breaks and Familiar Faces (before they were familiar)

Before They Were Famous

Look - you can seek inspiration in the strangest of places. Look at where some of today's A-listers began their careers.

Shit NEVER said during the Olympics

Ain't this the truth. It may be an Aussie production but I'm sure all kiwi blokes can agree on the sentiment.

The Luckiest People Compilation

So you won Big Wednesday? Big deal - your luck pales in comparison to this mob.

Tattoo Fail

Worried parents look away. NOW. There's some great tats out there - unfortunately not amongst this collection.

Taken - In The Real World

Every Father would like to think they could replicate Liam Neeson's actions. Nek Minute.


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