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Game Review - Divinity II: Eco Draconis

Posted by: DeletedUser 11/01/2010 @ 14:38
Subject: General

Divine Divinity II: Ego Draconis

Platform: PC

Developer:  Larian Studios

Publisher: DTP Entertainment

Divinity II: Ego Draconis this RPG is a truly stunning free roaming world just waiting to be explored, with intense aerial and ground based combat. Get up close and personal in human form - or take to the skies by shape-shifting into a mighty Dragon and deliver flaming death from above!


As with any role-playing game, story is king and I have to say this is one hell of a story. Imp’s, goblins, bandits, dragons, its huge! You’ll find yourself starting off at a rather slow pace searching for side quests rather than throwing yourself headfirst into the main story, but not to worry as finding side quests will help immensely in the long run. Combat is great the fight mechanics feel a lot like Oblivion in the 3rd person. Although take note; the gameplay can be a little frustrating at lower levels, especially when being attacked by enemies several levels higher, so make sure you save as much as you can.

Kirill Pokrovsky, composer of Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity, has returned to weave his magic. The in-game music is breathtaking, the voice actors are superb and stand up to any other RPG on the market at the moment. The only downside is the sounds of battle can become repetitive.


Divinity II uses the Gamebryo engine that was used in Fallout and it looks absolutely stunning. Beautiful dappled sunlight washing over streams and rivers, the large rock faces are amazing with realistic weathered cracks, forests with gigantic trees and plush flora inviting you to wander off into the unknown. The cut scenes are out of this world and as an added bonus you’ll also get to experience this from a thousand feet up dragon style. Pure eye candy!


RPG-lover or not, you can't miss this one! Once you’ve experienced the blood sweat and tears that have gone into this game you’ll definately see the light, even if it is from the blistering flames of a dragon. Go on take a war hammer to that piggy bank and pick yourself up a copy.

Score 8/10


by  Wiremu  09/02/2010 @ 12:32
That sounds epic!!! Going to check it out!
by  rosalynde  12/02/2010 @ 12:51
Thanks for all the info. My two boys will be out the door to buy one when they read this!
by  Anonymous  19/02/2010 @ 13:03
Man this sounds awesome! dragon on!
by  bazza  18/03/2010 @ 13:34
This game is WIKD! Buy it guys n Girls
by  T3ddy  18/03/2010 @ 13:37
RPG-lover you bet-ya nice Review!!!
by  Anonymous  18/03/2010 @ 13:41
This game is on the top of my buy list "I want it" got a dolla any one?
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