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Cafe Byzantium

80 Ponsonby Road
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6/01/2012 @ 2:30 p.m.
DO NOT GO TO THIS CAFE Unfortunately the glory days of this favourite Auckland establishment are long gone. I see the 2006 reviews speak of eggs to die for - yep I remember them but I am sorry to say they are merely that - a memory. OK so my recent experience was New Years day when venue pickings were slim, however - the cafe was not full and they still imposed a 10% surcharge, which would suggest some contingency was in place to deal with, you know, customers. I waited for 5 min to actually place my order while another couple asked for a refund on their coffees which never arrived, even though their food finally made it after about 45 minutes. That should have been my cue to go home and cook my own eggs. But I thought it might be a one off and that it was supposed to be a relaxing day so I persevered. We ordered our eggs, and waited, waited and waited for at least our coffee to arrive. After 40 minutes I enquired of their whereabouts and the barista replied - "what did you order, I will make it for you now". After an hour we finally gave up and demanded a refund. This seemed to come as no surprise to the cashier who had likely done a few that morning. His first attempt failed to calculate the surcharge and when he went to retrieve the docket with our order on it, it was still sitting where I had seen him place it after we ordered. At no point were we warned of a wait or checked in on while staff breezed passed us for an hour. I did note that a 11ish year old boy who obviously belonged to the proprietors (as he was holed up on a table all day with his laptop) received a plate of eggs while paying customers - including those at tables around us were left waiting and starving. So obviously dealing with squeaky wheels and letting the attrition of fed up people thin out demand is the customer service approach. Hopefully someone buys this place which is in a great spot and restores the great reputation. But do not spend any money there unt
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"Excellent food, location and ambience. Service was a little slow …"
by Gautam


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