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Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

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22/09/2010 @ 10:29 p.m.
Legend of the Guardians was a movie that I definitely wanted to see. I got a little emotional watching the trailer and I do not fare well watching animal movies whether “real” or “animated” and I expect this is probably due to being exposed to Bambi, Littlest Hobo etc. as a child. In saying that, that while this movie had a great deal of depth, it did not quite touch me as deeply as I had anticipated. I have always found with children’s films that a lot of rather deep themes are covered, and they are well interwoven into the story. For the most part Legend of the Guardians was no exception. The jealousy that Kludd felt toward Soren was evident from the outset. This jealousy was heightened by Kludd’s own insecurities i.e. learning to branch hop etc. and then feeling that he did not belong until he joined the Pure One’s where finally felt special. Soren’s bond with his family, his friends and his belief in the Guardians already made him feel that he did belong and then Soren’s strength of character, courage and beliefs got him the rest of the way. Soren’s belief in the existence of the Guardians as heroic, mythical owls is beautiful. My heart truly soared when Soren’s first glimpse of a Guardian is swooping down to save Digger. As Soren flies into the Guardian’s sanctuary/home, I truly felt his awe and wonder as reality began to intertwine the myth and his realisation that the Guardians were real. Soren and his strong band of friends were incredible. There were some beautiful poignant moments and some absolutely hilarious moments. Because I am an adult, I could see the parallels between the Evil Pure One’s and Nazi Germany. I.e. having a “pure” race and turning the “un-pure” into mindless slaves. I would recommend seeing this film in 3D as the graphics were absolutely incredible. At times I felt as though I could even reach out and stroke the soft, fluffy feathers of the baby owls. Better for children 9 years +
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